Welcome to the Hometown Public Library

Hometown Public Library
4331 Southwest Hwy
Hometown, IL 60456
Ph: 708-636-0997
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We are located right across the hall from the City Clerk's Office. Come check us out!

Coming up is our monthly Book club meeting. Tuesday, May 7th at 7 pm. If you've read Y is for Yesterday by Sue Grafton, then come join the discusion. Next month's reading will be One Plus One by Jojo Moyes  request your copy today!

Please check the Links page for Holiday closings and other events!.

Meet our staff:
   Annette Selmeister Head Librarian
    Sue Poznak
     Dorothy Mercer
      Mary McGrath
       Katie Krizka

Here is a list of all of our DVD's. Updated weekly. Finally a way to see all of our movies in one convenient place!!